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new age charlie brown?

I laughed

and drool came out of my mouth. thanks.

This really reminds me

Of Half-Life: Hull Life Consequences. Look it up on youtube. It's the same Idea. Terrible fan-fic of Half-life with horrific grammar. It's hilarious.

Phobotech responds:

Seen it. Loved it. Unrelated. Try to keep your reviews MOSTLY relevant to the content, man. Thanks for the 10, sure, but I can't use this, so it's useless.

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I agree with chrislovejoy

I too have been playing for a while. If you don't understand how to play, do yourself a favor and google transformice. there you will find how to play, and also the main website, which has a lot more people on it then here.

frusterating as hell

its totally random. theres no strategy as to what way you move. so in the end, you just hit random buttons and see what happens.

Braiin hurttsss

after a while you're brain sot of goes fuzzy. Btw the effect of zooming in is cool but its a little disorienting because it looke like its going one row over or something. Idk its sort of hard to explain.

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Nice dude ^-^

Good to hear that you're getting into the composing world :D

One of my faves.

Is the title derived from Biety Castle's "The YuYu" by any chance?

Ozzy93 responds:

No, random name :P
Maybe i can remake this song if you want.. this is some shit i made almost two years ago :P

Almost there

I think the drums and the trumpets are fine, just organize it into a definite rhythm so the listener doesn't get lost. Reminds me of Inception. cool stuff.

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Ahaha trolls..

I follow you on DeviantART, and although I'm not real heavy into the anime style, I thoroughly enjoy your art.

Thinking back, I still don't really know why I followed you. I just remember watching one of your animations and it made me laugh and feel good. And I think thats why I enjoy your art. Because you've put you're emotions behind the pictures and engrained your thoughts into the lines you drew. You're pictures always portray positive feelings, and they're fun just to look at for that reason. Keep up the good work. and stick to DeviantART. We love you there :D

LovelyKouga responds:

Wow...your words! :O

I appreciate that you can enjoy my drawings, even if you don't like anime.
Thanks for the utter pick-me-up, gosh I needed it haha.

Music and art are my homeboys...

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